Imagine living in a changing world where every company has to do its best to prepare for the digital age and not get lost in the mass of competition.
Imagine that there is not only radio, TV or newspaper but infinitely networked media in which messages, sustainable values and visions can be packaged that have the right to inspire as many viewers as possible
Imagine you want to make your mark on the digital world, but you don't have the ink or the ink pad.

That's roughly how we view the medium we deal with every day. Of course, this is somewhat subjective; anything else would not be true.

Objectively speaking, however, the medium film has become an indispensable tool for companies to convey content from the inside to the outside.


A tried and tested medium

With the rising popularity of television sets in the 1950s, the first corporate films were made. The potential was quickly recognized by many companies, and interest rose in equal measure.

For example, corporate films were originally product-based, but this changed during the 1960s and the films focused on the company.

Due to technological progress and the development of new video and production techniques, corporate films and movies became cheaper and more and more companies could afford them and use them in different ways. Thus, the first training and education films were created, but also trade fair films found their use.

Increasing digitization and new distribution channels ultimately led to companies presenting cross-channel content and thus actively influencing their corporate image.

As a result, film has prevailed over other media as a means of mass communication and has stood the test of time to this day.


What is a corporate film?

Nowadays, corporate films are one of the most used and powerful marketing tools of any company, no matter what industry or size. It is a digital business card and gives the company a character, makes it look close and thus creates trust.

In principle, a corporate film is any kind of film that represents your company. Over the years, the term image film has become synonymous with most people, but this is only one possible format of a corporate film. Depending on the type and target group of the video, the focus is on a different aspect. Thus, other contents are suitable for addressing a specific target group.

  • Commercial Ad
  • Promospot
  • Product Video
  • Explainer film
  • Recruiting Film
  • Taping / Recording / Live broadcast
  • Event video


And why?

First and foremost, you have to keep one thing in mind: Pictures say more than words.

This universal law is the driving force behind our work and is a means that leaves a lasting mark on the company's image and thus has a significant influence on business success. Brand awareness can be increased, employer branding and customer loyalty can be achieved, or new leads can be generated, to name just a few advantages.


Be Real

It is particularly important to us to present companies authentically through our own ideas and creativity, which reflects the corporate philosophy, values and culture and gives them a unique recognition value.

Let's look at this thesis from a scientific point of view.

Based on neuroscientific findings, successful moving image products are perceived and processed with 60% in the cerebrum, which is responsible for visual stimuli.

Consequently, these messages only stick if it is possible to set a message purposefully in design and to bind the viewer's attention. The authenticity and credibility of the message play a decisive role in success.

The current situation continuously confronts us with an oversupply of external influences, which presents us with the task of making our customers stand out in the crowd,...

...because we remember not to forget. It is so and will always be so.


Our take

Every company has its own construction sites and priorities to follow. In a digital and networked world, in which companies want and need to sustainably assert themselves on the market, we think it's a waste of time not to think about corporate film - of any kind.

It should be the aspiration of every modern company to strengthen the company, the brand, the philosophy and the team from within at a given time in order to build a solid foundation.

Social media gives companies the opportunity to give their brand a digital identity with a recognizable character. Therefore, corporate films that can be used on various channels are a sustainable investment in the future.

Therefore, in order to have a good and professional corporate film, an agency should definitely be hired. When choosing the right agency, everyone has their own criteria, but our tip is - always listen to your gut. If you have the feeling that you are one of many and lack the individual approach and love for the matter, then think carefully about the sustainable added value that such a project can have for your company. Creative products are a matter of trust.


And us? We are messengers of emotion with a creative drive and help to implement precisely this vision.


To learn more about corporate films and us, leave us a message and we'll get back to you!